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The Macallan 50 Years Old - 2018 Release

The Macallan 50 Years Old - 2018 Release

Slowly matured over five extraordinary decades.

A Remarkably Rare Release

Defined By Years Of Dedication And Craftsmanship

The Macallan 50 years old was created at a time when the distillery had the future in mind. By increasing the number of curiously small stills that help to concentrate the ‘new make’ spirit, the foundations were established that ensure the full-bodied, rich and fruity flavours and characteristic of our single malts today.

Matured in a single hand-crafted European sherry oak butt, the new make spirit was then left to mature slowly and quietly for at least fifty long years. During those decades of slumber, the ancient wood shaped the spirit - delivering the greatest contribution to the character, natural color, distinctive aromas and full flavors at the heart of this single malt. The result is a rich and complex whisky of vibrant amber natural colour with flavours of vanilla, spices and fresh fruits and a subtle peat background.

The Experience

  • Colour

    Vibrant amber

  • Nose

    Wood vanillas open with a hint of spice. Ripe blackcurrants and an earthy tone combine with a background of subtle peat to give a rich body.

  • Palate

    Sweet oak vanillas, fudge and toffee coat the mouth. Distinct black peppercorns follow to provide gentle warmth with deep sweetness joining from orange peel and figs.

  • Finish

    Incredibly viscous mouth coating, long and slightly dry from the subtle peat notes.

  • Abv:


Fine and Rare

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