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Make The Call

The Art and Science of Decision Making

We make thousands of decisions every day, both small and life changing.

The Macallan has been shaped by the confident yet considered choices we’ve made, such as investing in sherry oak casks, and by our decision to build a new Distillery and Visitor Experience.

We value knowledge and insight to decision making because our history is marked by these times of bold judgement calls. Yet when it comes to those big decisions, it can be difficult to discern the ones of significance, requiring both consideration and courage, which are worth the risk involved.

35,000 Decisions a Day

We partnered with Harvard Business School Scholar Max Weston to break down the science of decision making and build a strategy to help discern when it’s the right time to make the call. An authority on leadership development, Weston helps CEOs shape their leadership agenda, build effective teams and persuade people to follow them.

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From Biases to Uncertainty, the A-Z of Decision Making holds practical keys to identifying, evaluating and making important decisions, and strategies to equip you to stay the course for the long term.

What does it take to become consistently successful at recognising important judgements, at making the call, and how does this work in practice?

GQ sat down with two experienced decision makers, Dylan Jones- Editor-in-Chief of British GQ, and Greg Williams- Editor of Wired Magazine, to discuss our report which examines both the art and science behind sound decision making.

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Make the Call

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