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Our dedication to creating the finest single malt is a standard of excellence that has shaped our history, informs our future, and inspires us to choose the risks worth taking.

Explore The Macallan Experience to fully immerse in our stories of how we have built our reputation as on of the world's leading single malt whiskies.
Oak Cask in Warehouse

The Cask Tunnel

The Macallan Sensory Cinema starts in The Cask Tunnel, where our exceptional oak casks are left to rest and season for at least 12-18 months.

Once filled with our new-make spirit, the casks are sent off to our warehouses to be matured, where they can breathe in the soft, moist air of Speyside, Scotland. Our Warehouse Sampling Team review these casks to ascertain when the whisky will reach its optimum depth of flavour. This is an ongoing process of discernment and refinement, and calls for patience and unwavering focus.

Only when it reaches its full potential will a cask be selected.

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The Cask Toast

Your journey continues in The Cask Toast room. Not every journey involves a trial by fire, yet this is what all our oak casks endure during their journey to our distillery. Why? Because through fire comes flavour. In fact, up to 80 percent of The Macallan’s character comes from our extraordinary casks.

The wood for these casks travels thousands of miles to face the flames. Once it’s been air dried for a year where it was felled, and then another year after being cut into staves in Jerez, Spain, the next stage of the journey readies it to meet the heat of fire.

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The Macallan oak acorns in hands.

The Photo Gallery

Browse through our gallery featuring iconic photography of our wood story and our stunning distillery in Speyside, Scotland. At The Macallan, we believe everything worth something in life usually involves risk and sacrifice – the boldness to think outside of the box and challenge traditional thinking. This mindset is at the core of everything we do.

There’s a reason we care so much about wood at The Macallan. We know that up to The Macallan characteristics and natural colour comes from our exceptional oak casks; which is why we believe our commitment to ensure every step of the wood’s journey from forest to cask makes The Macallan the single malt it is today

When we set out to build a new brand home for The Macallan, our vision was to create a distillery and visitor experience as exceptional as the whisky itself. Building a new distillery. instead of just expanding the current facility, gave us the opportunity to take things to a whole new level – allowing us to challenge notions of what a Scottish whisky distillery looks like and to reimagine the design in a way that’s beyond anything yet thought of.

Located on the stunning Easter Elchies estate, which has been home to the leading luxury single malt since 1824, the new distillery represents an exciting new chapter in The Macallan’s illustrious history, and sets the standard for everything we do going forward.

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Whisky Poured Into Glass

The Sensory Cinema

At the pinnacle of your journey, we invite you to be captivated by a full sensory exploration of The Macallan.

A state-of-the-art Sensory Cinema delivers a unique cinematic whisky experience, taking you deeper into our world with exceptionally memorable moments embedded within awe-inspiring immersive storytelling.

Witness moments of commitment and dedication through stories that inspire and bring to life the dedication to creation that has shaped The Macallan’s history and future; the inspiration to choose the risks worth taking

Make The Call

Two Paths to the Future

There comes a point in every journey, and any endeavour, where bold decisions must be made. Such decisions cannot be taken lightly, as they often determine the path you’ll follow in the years ahead.

There comes a point in every journey, and any endeavour, where bold decisions must be made. Such decisions cannot be taken lightly, as they often determine the path you’ll follow in the years ahead.

This film brings to life two decisive turning points that have helped define the course of The Macallan; from the meticulous attention paid to the oak that is used to create our casks, to our architecturally ambitious home that is in deliberate harmony with the rolling hills of Speyside and the team of people who work there. If we’ve learned anything from the decisions we have made and the paths we have taken, it is that there are no real shortcuts when you dare to pursue something greater.

Make The Call

The Stories

Explore our stories of those who have seen the risk and still made the call, who aren’t afraid to choose a bigger life.

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