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The Golden Age Of Travel: The Ocean Liner

A transportation back in time to the first decade of international travel, this first release in the series features a rich and enticing Macallan single malt that relives the days of luxury travel across the oceans.

The Ocean Liner

Rich And Refined

The exceptionally rare Macallan whisky in this first decanter was distilled in 1937, first bottled in 1971 at 34 years old, and rebottled in 2015. Like the era it celebrates, it is a rich and warm single malt with a refined sense of style. Notes of sultanas, cocoa and mature wood reflect the rich elegance of the dark oak panels and mahogany staircases of the great ocean liners of the 1930s. With a freshness that belies its vintage, it is balanced and smooth with notes of light spice.

This individual Macallan is history in a glass that also speaks of a bygone time at the distillery. Distilled two years before the outbreak of the Second World War, the whisky reveals clues about the distillation and maturation of The Macallan at this time; when a steam railway ran past the foot of the hill below the estate, bringing in raw materials and taking away deliveries of finished casks.


The Experience

  • Colour

    Light oak.

  • Nose

    A faint fragrance of tropical fruits and spice reminiscent of a fine perfume. Soft aromas of rose petals.

  • Palate

    Dark chocolate, roasted coffee beans and cinnamon. Aromatic, exotic and comforting.

  • Finish

    Rich and warm, with a hint of peat smoke. A whisky with a refined sense of style.

  • Abv:



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