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Edition No. 5

The Macallan Edition No. 5, celebrating natural colour

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Colour is embedded into everyday life, and plays an important part in shaping the world we live in. It can define moods, and marks the passage of time and change—such as when the leaves start to change in the autumn, or buds burst forth in the spring. Colour forms points of self-expression, shape perceptions and thinking, divert thoughts and change behaviour. It is a powerful force that can communicate without words.

Woman Holding The Macallan Edition No 5 with a Dram

For The Macallan, natural colour is a defining and fundamental element of our whisky making process. We take distinct pride in the fact that the colour of every whisky we create is 100 percent natural. Each shade, from the lightest oak to the deepest mahogany, is naturally derived from the interaction of the new make spirit with the oak casks in which it is matured. In fact, this resulting spectrum of colour is central to the core of The Macallan’s foundational Six Pillars, and was the starting point for Edition No. 5.


The Vision Behind the Edition Series

The Macallan Edition Series is a celebration of our unwavering dedication and commitment to the art of whisky making. We hand-select a collection of unique casks each year, chosen for their special and distinctive character to create a new Edition that exemplifies the diversity of oak casks used in the maturation of The Macallan whiskies. Collaborating with partners from different fields of expertise, each release in the series is individual—a true marriage of The Macallan mastery and the unique influence from diverse backgrounds to the whisky making process.

  • Edition No.1 celebrates The Macallan’s unparalleled oak cask management policy that oversees the entire process from oak source to finished, seasoned cask. This expression is matured in eight distinct European and American oak cask styles.

  • Edition No. 2 is a collaboration between The Macallan and masters of taste, the Roca Brothers. Each of the seven exceptional oak cask styles chosen represent the creative spirit of each of the four collaborators.

  • Edition No. 3 brings together the The Macallan and master perfumer, Roja Dove, uniting the worlds of whisky and aroma to showcase the complexities of single malt character. 

  • Edition No. 4 celebrates the world of architecture and design. This limited edition embodies the craftsmanship and innovative design of the new Macallan Distillery.

A Colour-led Collaboration

In collaboration with the Pantone Color Institute™, Edition No. 5 showcases the power of colour in our brand but also the wider world we live in. Taking The Macallan’s natural colour spectrum and combining with the intricate whisky making process as inspiration, the Pantone Color Institute™ created a specific colour reflective of this single malt – a uniquely bold shade of purple.

The colour purple is described as the ‘most enigmatic of shades’ due to the multi-faceted and intricate combination of red and blue. In the case of The Macallan Edition No. 5 it is the complexity of the precise whisky making process which is front and centre in this purple shade. This new vibrant tone developed brings to life the exquisite combination of distinctive natural hues found in this whisky.
MAC-2019-Ed No.5-glass and mountain

“We can find much common ground between whisky making and colour creation and with Edition No. 5 we have been able to explore and celebrate these two art forms."

Sarah Burgess, The Macallan Whisky Maker

Guided by Excellence

Only American oak casks were handpicked for this single malt, primarily selected for their colour in order to deliver a whisky with a wonderfully full flavour. The result is a beautiful sunlit barley colour, accompanied by an intriguingly intense flavour profile that hosts sweet notes of caramel and fresh fruit combined with oak spices.

With The Macallan Edition No. 5, it is the complexity and precision of the whisky making process that defines this colour creation; showcasing the infinite hues, creativity and expertise which harnesses the natural colour of The Macallan.


The Macallan Edition No. 5

The Macallan Edition No. 5 is our very own homage to the diversity and complexity of natural colour.

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