The Mac & Cheese

Two iconic indulgences, rooted in tradition.

Mac & cheese, redefined

Both whisky and cheese making are sophisticated arts defined by traditions and time-honored processes. Complex to master, but easy to enjoy - especially together - The Macallan’s range of flavor notes are the perfect complement to the rich creaminess of artisan cheeses.

The Mac & Cheese

Why Whisky & Cheese?


The Macallan National Brand Ambassador, Nicolas Villalon, introduces the concept--and wisdom--behind pairing whisky and cheese.

The Mac & Cheese

Host A Tasting Party


As with any artisanal product, there is more to cheese pairing than simply buying and eating it. Follow Nicolas Villalon's tips for hosting a proper tasting.

The Mac & Cheese

A Single Malt Pairing Guide


Ready to host? Watch as Nicolas Villalon explains which cheeses should be paired with The Macallan's classic single malt whiskies.

The Mac & Cheese

A Prestige Pairing Guide


Take things up a notch. Learn about Nicolas Villalon's cheese pairing recommendations for The Macallan prestige whiskies.

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