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The Range

The Macallan Concept Series

A collection that fuses the passion behind The Macallan whisky making with innovative art, music and culture.

  • The Macallan Concept 1 Bottle
    The Macallan Concept 1 Bottle & Pack

    Concept Number 1


  • Concept_2_BOTTLE_resized
    Concept_2_FRONTAL-BOX-BOTTLE_C cropped

    Concept Number 2


  • The Macallan Concept No. 3 Bottle
    The Macallan Concept No. 3 Bottle with Box

    Concept Number 3


About The Concept Series

This limited collection of annual release whiskies fuse the artistry and expertise behind The Macallan’s whisky-making with creativity and culture. Each release in the series is unique and designed to create an extraordinary taste experience.
Inside David Carson's studio for Concept Number 3

In Collaboration with David Carson

Contemporary graphic designer David Carson celebrates our shared values of creativity and nature for Concept Number 3.


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