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Distil Your World London

Distil Your World London

Together The Macallan and the Roca brothers set out to distil the essence of London, one of the cultural capitals of the world.

How do you distil the essence of a place?

Available now, the Distil Your World London documentary follows The Macallan and the Roca brothers as they explore the many facets of this iconic city. Learn about the scents, sounds and places they drew from to create something completely unique, yet fully London.

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Why London

E600CA23-A5CF-4F30-BC0F-7E8B830451E0@2x Feb 25 2021 · 4 min read

London as Inspiration

E600CA23-A5CF-4F30-BC0F-7E8B830451E0@2x Feb 25 2022 · 3 min read
What does it take to distil a city?
The Macallan Distil your World Character Asma Khan in her restaurant

Flavour and Sustainability with Asma Khan

E600CA23-A5CF-4F30-BC0F-7E8B830451E0@2x Feb 24 2022 · 7 min read
Owner of London’s Darjeeling Express restaurant shares her passion for food, community and sustainability.

Distil London Experiences

E600CA23-A5CF-4F30-BC0F-7E8B830451E0@2x Nov 16 2020 · 4 min read
Inspired by their journey to distil London with The Macallan, the Roca brothers created unique gastronomic...

In Collaboration with Laura Winningham

9D1B70C0-3B5A-44B1-9424-A8CA9A857B34@2x Jun 03 2021 · 3 min watch
The Macallan Distil Your World Steven Bremner sniffing whisky

A Whisky Inspired by London

E600CA23-A5CF-4F30-BC0F-7E8B830451E0@2x Feb 23 2022 · 4 min read
The Macallan Distil your World Character Mischa Dohler Playing piano in room

The London Visionary: Mischa Dohler

E600CA23-A5CF-4F30-BC0F-7E8B830451E0@2x Mar 09 2022 · 4 min read

Distil London Experiences


Distil Your World London