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Distil your World Scotland

A culinary journey through our Scottish homeland with the renowned Roca brothers, from El Celler de Can Roca.

Where Innovation Meets Tradition

In 2017, the Roca brothers’ restless spirit and hunger for new knowledge propelled them to travel to a country that has remained relatively untapped in the world of global cuisine: Scotland. We traveled with them through our homeland, continuing our long-standing relationship founded in shared values and a quest for innovation and deep knowledge.

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Roca Journal
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Raw Ingredients

Across the space of a year, Joan, Josep and Jordi Roca explored what they saw as a raw diamond in the global gastronomic arena- with a wealth of stories and ingredients waiting to be discovered. Imbued with tradition and legacy alongside myth and mystery, the brothers set out to discover the processes, places and people that make Scotland so unique and its gastronomic force so special.

Going beyond their initial understanding of Scotland's filling and comforting cuisine, they sought to unearth the precious raw ingredients that are rooted firmly in Scotland's unique environment and stunning landscape.
On a quest to listen and learn from Scotland's talent and undiscovered specialist suppliers, the brothers met the masters of their craft, eager to shine a light on the established and emerging traditions of a lesser known but powerful culture of culinary excellence.

Unlike previous culinary pilgrimages made by Joan, Josep and Jordi around the world, their Scottish expedition was experienced through a unique lens, inspired by and based on two travel journals from the eighteenth century: A Journey to the Western Isles of Scotland by Samuel Johnson and The Journal of a Tour to Hebrides, by James Boswell.

One of the things we share with The Macallan is the need to keep learning, to keep moving forward.

The Roca brothers
Roca Journal
With an overarching aim to 'distil Scotland', the brothers’ approach was one that embarked with excitement, enthusiasm but most of all respect. They sought to witness and learn from everything they see, experience and document on their journey and use it to inspire their own interpretation of Scotland that pays tribute to the true gems of the Scottish larder.

What they learned ultimately inspired a menu based on the essence of Scotland; encapsulated in a rich book that sits somewhere between a travel and culinary journal.

About the Roca brothers

Joan, Josep and Jordi are heirs of a long-standing family tradition and legacy that led them to create El Celler de Can Roca.

A careful and detailed approach is imbued in everything El Celler de Can Roca sets out to offer; from researching and sourcing the raw ingredients, understanding them in intimate terms, developing unique approaches to their treatment and creating adventures in taste. With three Michelin stars since 2009, the restaurant has twice been awarded the accolade of World's Best Restaurant.


Distil Scotland

The book captures The Roca brothers’ insatiable curiosity and within its covers is a treasure trove of stories from their journey along with an exquisite selection of unique recipes featuring quintessentially Scottish ingredients.
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Our roots are deep but our minds are in the stars.

Josep Roca

Staying Curious

Over three decades on from the creation of El Celler de Can Roca, curiosity remains key to Joan, Josep and Jordi’s collective spirit and sense of adventure; what starts as innovation can in turn become tradition.

Although their approach aims to push beyond what has been seen before, their inspiration is often founded in the stories and experiences of different places, people and cultures; transformed to reflect a unique Roca perspective on the world of cuisine and the cuisine of the world.


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