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Distil Your World

Uncovering the Essence of New York

E600CA23-A5CF-4F30-BC0F-7E8B830451E0@2x Apr 13 2022 · 2 min read

New York is a city composed of many cultures, all humming with originality and creativity, but each with its own distinct personality. From Brooklyn’s vibrant indie art scene and Harlem’s flair, to the upbeat Manhattan culture of cool, it is a metropolis filled with a million dreams, hopes and adventures. 

It is here that Joan Roca of renowned three-Michelin-star restaurateurs the Roca brothers, and The Macallan Whisky Maker Polly Logan, explored and distilled their own incomparable creations inspired by ‘The Big Apple’. 

They journeyed into an uncharted New York with the purpose of distilling its very soul. The results are an exceptional single malt whisky that artfully bottles the city’s distinct creative spirit, and a unique menu that takes diners on a gastronomic journey of New York.

Watch their journey of discovery in the Distil Your World New York Documentary.

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Joan Roca and Polly Logan for The Macallan Distil your World New York in the Guggenheim
Joan Roca and Polly Logan for The Macallan Distil your World New York

The Flavours of the City

Polly Logan and Joan Roca explored the wide variety of architecture, fashion, art, music and cultures that New York has to offer. It is a city that exudes creativity in all shapes and sizes.

From artwork popping up in hidden corners of the city, to the unmistakable Broadway buzz and extraordinary street musicians at every turn, this depth and richness is mirrored in the city’s culinary scene.

New Yorkers have a plethora of ideas every minute, endlessly exploring their limits – and this is the feeling we wanted to capture in our own distillation of the city.

Jordi Roca Pastry Chef, El Celler de Can Roca
Perusing the menu of almost any eatery in New York is a masterclass in irrepressible creativity. From street food stalls to top-rated restaurants, the city’s chefs express a deep love for the ingredients and classic dishes that form part of the city’s culinary psyche. The need to stand out and be unique is often wisely combined with the city’s roots and sense of belonging.

When crafting their unique Distil Your World New York menu, the Roca brothers were inspired by the city's dynamic street food scene, and New York's myriad of delis and classic diners. They met with different people across spheres of fashion, art and music that enriched and inspired their perspective of this colourful metropolis. It is this richness and passion experienced by Joan Roca in New York that inspired their exclusive collection of gastronomic creations.

They created a series of dishes, each inspired by a feeling, experience or historic reference to this iconic city. From paying homage to some of New York’s culinary inventions, such as the hybrid pastry cronut, to the feeling you get during an early morning stroll in the rain, with the sun rising behind the clouds over Manhattan – these dishes capture New York in all its beautiful complexity.

The originality of New York is endless. It’s impossible to portray it with just one creation, so we needed to express it through an extended menu where every dish tells a story.

Joan Roca Chef El Celler de Can Roca

Distil Your World New York Limited Edition

A unique single malt whisky created to take you on a sensorial journey through one of the world’s most iconic cities.

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