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The path of least resistance lures us with the promise of an easy ride. But where does it take us?

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Make the Call


The path of least resistance lures us with the promise of an easy ride. But where does it take us?


Make the Call


There comes a point in every journey, and any endeavour, where bold decisions must be made. Such decisions cannot be taken lightly, as they often determine the path you’ll follow in the years ahead. With the help of Dutch film-maker Juriaan Booij, we’ve made a film about two decisive turning points that have helped define the course of The Macallan.

At the start of our film you met David. He’s responsible for ensuring the best European oak is used in the cooperages of Jerez de la Frontera. Here, the oak staves are turned into casks, filled with sherry and held for two years before making their voyage to the North of Scotland and our Distillery on the River Spey.

Every cask is up to five years in the making, and up to five times more expensive than an ex-bourbon cask, but why would we choose a path that would compromise something so central to what we do?

Ultimately, it was our whisky that guided the way. We turned to the visionary architects behind The Millennium Dome, Mexico City Airport and the European Court of Human Rights to name a few, to help us. In the film you also met George, our Head of Engineering whose task it was to help build a new home that would display the qualities of something of true value.

The ambition expressed in Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners extraordinary and beautiful architectural design, is not only in perfect harmony with the rolling hills of Speyside, but also with the team of people who work here. If we’ve learned anything from the decisions we’ve made and paths we’ve taken, it’s that there are no real shortcuts when you dare to pursue something greater.

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