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Imagination Unmatched

A World Reimagined: Daring to disrupt the process of whisky making

Concept No, 1, inspired by surrealist art

History is marked by disruptive ideas and innovations, deliberate choices to deviate from the status quo, to turn from the regular and question what’s taken for granted.

These moments and movements are manifested in all spheres and industries, from art and design to technology and engineering. We have chosen to embrace this concept of positive disruption by creating a single malt whisky inspired by the world of surreal art and incorporating innovative production techniques.

Disruption is a choice

The Macallan Concept No. 1 is the first release in a new, limited edition series which celebrates the world’s visionaries by daring to disrupt the whisky making process. Created from whiskies matured first in sherry-seasoned oak casks and then in ex-bourbon casks, this whisky explores maturation more imaginatively. The unusual double-maturation process delivers a very different and truly memorable expression of The Macallan.

Traditionally, double-matured whisky is first matured in former bourbon barrels before being finished for a shorter period of time in sherry-seasoned casks. We chose to go against the norm by maturing in sherry-seasoned oak casks and then in first fill American bourbon barrels for an equal amount of time to create an exciting new flavour profile. As up to 80% of the whisky’s character and flavour comes from the wood, this represents an innovative decision to push the tradition-bound limits of whisky-making.

This unconventional maturation process gives The Macallan Concept No. 1 an extra sweetness and delicacy on top of the dried fruit flavours regularly found in sherry-seasoned oak cask maturations.

Furthermore, we chose to give total freedom and flexibility to our whisky making team in choosing the casks, and not be constrained or defined by age in crafting this whisky. Time and maturity was leveraged to elevate the flavour and colour of the whisky, and celebrate both the art and mastery involved.

Freedom of Expression

The illustrations on the bottle label and packaging were created by French surreal artist Albane Simon, envisioned through the lens of The Macallan Six Pillars. Just as the Surrealist movement sought to challenge reason and rationality by unveiling contradictions in the everyday, this series presents a world reimagined.

Our interpretation of the surreal brings together imagination and idealism to create a fantastical, sensorial world of whisky where anything and everything is possible.

The Macallan Concept No. 1 makes manifest our continuous search for excellence – one that pushes beyond the traditional boundaries of process and cask selection.

Nick Savage, Master Distiller, The Macallan

The knowledge and skills involved in creating this bold and exceptional single malt demonstrate The Macallan’s dedication to pursuing excellence and offering new experiences. It also reflects the unrivalled commitment to the mastery of wood and spirit for which The Macallan has been known since its establishment almost 200 years ago.

This series combines our passion for whisky making with the passion of visionaries – the bold, confident individuals who have positively disrupted the status quo with fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. It is a spirit that takes our an unwavering dedication to the exceptional and unites it with an an unfailing mastery driven forward by bold and brave choices.

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