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Captured: The Spiritual Home


This project is very special to me for two reasons. Firstly, I’ve been able to come back to the country of my birth and portray its beauty through one of the most ambitious projects I’ve ever attempted. The second reason is that this collection marks the full stop after Polaroid, as we head into the digital age. Rankin

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The Macallan Masters of Photography: Rankin Edition was the opening chapter of The Macallan story as told by some of the world’s most legendary photographers.

The art of making the world’s finest whisky and the art of capturing moments in time through the eye of a lens are moulded together to become one art form.

This first edition of The Masters of Photography series marked the first time 1,000 totally individual and original objets d’art had been introduced by one brand.

Marking the start of what was to become this continuing series, The Macallan partnered with Rankin, the pre-eminent Scottish-born photographer. Famed for his creative portraiture and his talent for capturing the character and spirit of his subjects, Rankin stands as a formidable force in photography.

Rankin Photo For The Macallan Black and White Shot of Woman Sitting on Stairs

The Macallan invited Rankin to visit Easter Elchies House, the spiritual home of The Macallan. Here he was encouraged to interpret The Macallan Estate through his lens, capturing its heart and soul through the art of photography. The collaboration resulted in a photojournalistic essay depicting one summer at The Macallan Estate.

The output of the collaboration was a staggering 1,000 works of art, each comprising an original Rankin image, captured on Polaroid film. The use of Polaroid film, unique in that no digital enhancements or alterations can be made, was bold. Each single moment was captured with no second chances.

The Macallan Rankin Photo-2
The Macallan Rankin Photo-1

The Whisky

The Macallan Fine Oak is triple cask matured in a unique, complex combination of exceptional oak casks. This triple cask maturation is exclusive to The Macallan and combines European oak casks seasoned with sherry, American oak casks seasoned with sherry and American oak casks seasoned with bourbon to deliver an extraordinary smooth, delicate, yet complex single malt.

The Masters of Photography: Rankin Edition was presented in a black leather box, lined with velvet and containing an original Rankin Polaroid. Each unique bottle has an individually printed label which matches the specific Polaroid contained within the box and a booklet of authenticity signed by Rankin.

Macallan Rankin Packshot
"Rankin has captured the essence of what it is to be The Macallan."

Ken Grier, Creative Director The Macallan

Captured: The Distillery


Captured: The Spiritual Home

Albert Watson