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Anecdotes of Ages

When The Macallan Lead Whisky Maker, Sarah Burgess met with Sir Peter Blake it was a meeting of two minds, inspiring the careful selection of casks to create a complex yet perfectly balanced single malt.





The Macallan Sir Peter Blake Bottle shot for Anecdotes of Ages

ABV : 47.7% | Volume : 700ml

An Estate, a Community and a Distillery

A tribute to some of the colourful characters from The Macallan’s past and present.

Sir Peter Blake signature gif

Enigmatic Characters and Rich Heritage

The Anecdotes of Ages Collection is an extraordinary art and whisky collaboration with globally renowned British pop artist, Sir Peter Blake.

The collaboration is The Macallan’s third with the iconic artist, and is part of a relationship that has spanned almost four decades. The partnership celebrates our rich legacy and Sir Peter Blake’s remarkable contribution to the art world.

This special single malt whisky has been created to commemorate Sir Peter Blake’s visit to The Macallan Estate on the legendary River Spey. An Estate, A Community, and A Distillery tells the story of some of the colourful characters from The Macallan’s past and present and features a label digitally designed by Sir Peter himself.

The Macallan Lead Whisky Maker, Sarah Burgess, was inspired by Sir Peter Blake’s character to create a whisky classic in style with surprising notes of treacle and black pepper.

The Experience

  • Colour


  • Aroma

    Rich in dried fruits and spices with hints of orange and clove

  • Palate

    Dried fruits with cracked black pepper and treacle, accents of vanilla and orange oil

  • Finish

    A long, rich oak finish with cinnamon and cacao

  • ABV


The Macallan Anecdotes of Ages Collection An Estate a Community A Distillery

A Distinct Presentation

The label that adorns this limited edition single malt has been created by Sir Peter Blake digitally. Taking inspiration from Sir Peter, the presentation box has been created with colours that inspired his art – blue and green with natural textures.

The presentation box houses the bottle, a certificate detailing the history and heritage on which the art was based, and artwork printed on a scroll. This brightly coloured scroll contains a collage representing anecdotes from the wider collection, portrayed in Sir Peter Blake’s distinct style. A tracing paper overlay provides information on each character from The Macallan’s history that Sir Peter chose to include in his art.
Sir Peter Blake on Macallan Estate in the Distillery

About Sir Peter Blake

Renowned British pop artist Sir Peter Blake is a prominent figure in the world of art. Central to his work is his interest in images from popular culture. These infuse his art in unique and relevant ways, creating the visual equivalent of popular music.

His diverse style ranges from colourful lettering to likeness drawing, although he is best known for crowd art collage. Over many decades, Sir Peter Blake’s pioneering crowd work has transcended fashion, music and even art movements to become a unique and timeless signature style. He continues to work with this style today, reinventing the idea for different applications.
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Sir Peter Blake’s ‘popular art’ continues to be a highly influential and enduring presence in the world of art, the timeless signature style of Blake’s crowd art collage is perfectly suited to visually narrate The Macallan’s fascinating history of people, places and events, captured in the spectacular print included in this special edition art pack.

Anecdotes of Ages

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Anecdotes of Ages

Paying Homage to the Past