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Anecdotes of Ages Collection

The Macallan Mausoleum

The ancient remains of a parish church still stand in the graveyard close to Easter Elchies House on The Macallan Estate. The mausoleum, the resting place of the aristocratic Grant family, stands alongside surviving gravestones from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

A Memorial to Lives Lived

One of the 13 original bottles, this unique label created by Sir Peter Blake details significant stories relating to our history, community, and the beautiful natural landscape of The Macallan Estate. 

In the shade of oak and beech trees lie the remains of two local men killed in action in the First World War, another lost in a local ferry disaster, and generations of farmers who would have sown, grown and harvested crops on the surrounding farmland. The Macallan graveyard is a fitting tribute to a community spirit born centuries ago that is still very much alive and prospering today. 

Anecdotes of Ages Collection The Macallan Mausoleum Designed by Sir Peter Blake

The Story Behind the Label

Against vivid, green grass and the lichen-encrusted roof of an ancient building, two boxing hares spring at each other, a spirited and symmetrical vision full of life.

On this label, Sir Peter Blake’s distinctive way with collage records a treasured place on The Macallan Estate. The enigmatic, tartan-cloaked figure turning from us might well be contemplating the generations that have gone before. It is fitting that Sir Peter’s hares are so explosively alive.
Macallan Anecdotes of Ages Collection Mausoleum Photo by Mary McCartney

A Place of Profound Remembrance

Lead Whisky Maker Sarah Burgess’ canny nose for the perfect whisky has been matched by Mary McCartney’s photographic framing of the bottle against a moss coated wall, in a calming, green gloom. A mausoleum is, quite rightly, a place of profound remembrance. This single malt is one that will be impossible to forget.

There are reassuring, homely flavours with natural notes of oak, hazelnut and strawberry (the fruit grows abundantly in Scotland). There are exotic notes, too, of pineapple, fig and light spiced peach; mesmeric combinations that serve as sensual travel agents.

A place of contemplation, this ground remains their birthright. They had their being here.

For their descendants, life continues spiritedly, with a sense of community and belonging embedded into the landscape. The whisky which Sir Peter Blake has labelled could serve equally as a catalyst for contemplation or celebration.

The Experience

  • Colour

    Caramelised peach

  • Nose

    Classic antique oak, dried fruit and fig combined with hints of pineapple and mango layered with a decadent chocolate strawberry note

  • Palate

    Warm chocolate with light nutmeg and ginger, oak spices and sweet oak opening into pineapple and coconut with an unexpected strawberry and hazelnut burst

  • Finish

    Complex with a medium to long finish of chocolate, sweet oak and lightly spiced peach

  • ABV


The Macallan Anecdotes of Ages Collection The Macallan Mausoleum Mood Shot label closeup


The outer box for these special whiskies has been modelled on Sir Peter Blake’s own traditional art supply box, bringing together the world of art and whisky. A squirrel is laser etched on a removable panel, revealing a thumbnail photography collage documenting Sir Peter’s journey with The Macallan for the creation of this collection. 

On the side a sliding drawer features Sir Peter’s signature laser etched into the oak. Within is a leather bound book sustainably sourced in Scotland, revealing the 13 unique stories behind the full Anecdotes of Ages Collection.  

Anecdotes of Ages

Paying Homage to the Past

Anecdotes of Ages

In Collaboration with Sir Peter Blake