The Range

The Edition Series

An annual limited edition series that explores our approach to whisky making and exposes the detail of its creation; showcasing the absolute skill of our Whisky Makers.

Edition No. 1


A distinctive limited edition drawn from eight of the finest European and American oak cask styles.

Edition No. 2


Four extraordinary characters, one exceptional single malt.

Edition No. 3


A multi-sensory experience of taste and aroma.

Edition No. 4


A celebration of The Macallan’s whisky making heritage.

The Story of The Edition Series

A Commitment To The Art Of Whisky Making

At the heart of the The Edition Series is our desire to innovate; to push the boundaries and challenge expectations in the creation, experience and enjoyment of The Macallan.

Continuing the story of our oak casks and obsession with wood that is fundamental in the creation of all Macallan single malt, The Edition Series provides the freedom to look beyond the traditional cask styles used in other Macallan whiskies.

Each year a unique selection of casks, each with a special and distinctive character, are handpicked to create a new Edition that exemplifies the diversity of oak casks used in the maturation of The Macallan whiskies.

Collaborating with partners from different fields of expertise, each release in the series is an individual - a true marriage of Macallan mastery and the unique influence from diverse backgrounds to the whisky making process .