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ABV : 45% | Volume : 700ml

The Macallan M, 2022 Release

An embodiment of Natural Colour, it is the result of our commitment to craftsmanship and dedication to using the finest, 100% natural ingredients.

Darkness into the Light

The Macallan M, 2022 Release, among the darkest of The Macallan outturns, shines a light on a rare selection of irreplaceable casks. Prolonged contact with sherry oak has burnished a deep and brooding single malt.

This rare and exclusive spirit epitomises transparency as the quality of the whisky glistens in the crystal Lalique decanter, encapsulating our naturally dark spirit. A personification of the rich influence that sherry seasoned oak casks have on the spirit which rests within.

Enigmatic Characters and Rich Heritage

The spirit is presented in a flawless crystal decanter. Individually numbered, it is the expert work of Lalique, doyen of French glass making since 1888. The six facets of the decanter reflect and refract light, dancing the dark whisky to life.

Their inspiration stems from The Macallan’s six defining pillars, namely, The Estate, our Curiously Small Stills, Exceptional Oak Casks, Sherry Wine, Natural Colour and Mastery. Together, they underpin the renowned quality and rich character of our whisky.

The Experience

  • Colour

    Rich amber, 100% natural

  • Nose

    Sweet black cherry and demerara sugar with a sensorial mix of polished oak and leather, softened with hints of indulgent chocolate and vanilla

  • Palate

    Herbal notes of liquorice and tea leaves combined with smooth crème anglaise and chocolate orange with a hint of wood spice

  • Finish

    Rich dried fruit and decadent dark chocolate

  • ABV


The Macallan M photography by Nick Knight

A Celebration of Mastery

The decanter is designed by creative guru Fabien Baron, whose vision fuses aesthetic expression with commercial art in its finest form. His dramatic concept challenged Lalique considerably. The vessel’s sculpted geometry pushes crystal glass craftsmanship to new territory, a vision for the future, created to respect a glory from the past.

A darkness rich with promise.  A light to sparkle in the sun.  There could be no better expressions of single malt and contemporary crystal glassware to complement one another.  

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