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Ballot Terms & Conditions of Sale

For ballot products consumers will only be eligible to buy a maximum number of bottles per person, per order or per household. The Macallan reserve the right to cancel orders if subsequent verification identifies that a consumer has bought more than the maximum number of bottles available for purchase by one person. 

In submitting an entry to a Ballot, Entrants confirm that if they are successfully selected by The Macallan, they are able and willing to complete the purchase of the Product.   

Entrants must provide valid payment card details before submitting their entry to the ballot, through their Account. The entrant’s card will be pre-authorised to confirm it is a valid card with the correct details. The entrant’s card will not be charged at this time.  
Entrants warrant and undertake to ensure that their payment card has sufficient funds to pay for the Product on conclusion of the ballot if their entry is selected (including any delivery fee and variance by delivery country as set out upon entry into the ballot.) The entrant must further ensure that their payment card shall not have expired at the point at which payment is taken.  

Within 3 working days after the Ballot has been drawn, the Entrants shall be notified by email if they have been successful. If the Entrants are successful, payment shall be taken immediately upon an entry being drawn. Entrants are advised that ‘Mail Marketing’ will appear on bank statements once payment is taken. In the event that payment fails, The Macallan shall contact entrants to ask them to provide an alternative payment method. 

The total fee payable shall include a postage fee based on the Entrant’s country of delivery. Deliveries will be made by DHL. The fees charged directly by The Macallan may not include all taxes or duties that could be charged on arrival in your country of delivery. You are personally liable for the payment of any additional charges applicable in your country.  See full delivery information here

Ballots are considered stand-alone purchases and no further products from The Macallan’s online shop can be added to the order that includes the Product from the Ballot.   

We will be unable to process any ballots of entrants who get in touch on behalf of the account owners. Only the account holder themselves can make the purchase via their account. 

You can learn more about our terms and conditions of sale here: Terms and Conditions 

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