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The Archival Series

The sixth release from The Macallan Archival Series, an iconic series created to commemorate our legendary print, press and advertising campaigns
of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.

The Macallan Folio 6 Whisky Bottle Shot

ABV : 43% | Volume : 700ML

Folio 6

The Chairman of The Macallan, ever keen to keep his Publicity Advisors on their toes...

The Chairman

The sixth release in The Macallan Archival Series, Folio 6 celebrates a wonderfully witty advert, which cleverly featured ‘The Chairman’ as a Scotsman dancing the Highland fling over a pen and brush, the symbols of the advertising team of Holmes and Salaman.

At the time, The Macallan Chairman was Allan Shiach, who as a writer himself, was known to suggest the occasional idea to the brand’s creative team. Naturally, the two admen tended to bridle a little at these suggestions from above – but of course when it was The Macallan Chairman they could hardly demur.

Brows were furrowed. Misgivings were muttered. But the admen stuck to the creative task, and ultimately chose to feature the Chairman himself in their response to the gauntlet he had thrown down. The resulting campaign remains one of the brand’s most memorable, and to many, the most amusing.

The Experience

  • Colour

    Autumnal auburn.

  • Nose

    Orange and ginger followed by poached pear and vanilla with cinnamon and nutmeg, fresh oak with a hint of chocolate.

  • Palate

    Orange and sultana with ginger leading to soft milk chocolate.

  • Finish

    Ginger warmth and long.

  • ABV


Tasting Notes for The Macallan Folio 6
Today, Folio 6 brings both this timeless campaign and the illustration of our past Chairman back to life. Accompanied by a special booklet commemorating the brand’s vintage advertising – plus digital content – all presented in a beautiful book-shaped tin. It celebrates the rich heritage of The Macallan – and one of its most unforgettable ad campaigns from decades past.
The Archival Series

Looking Back at our Advertising History

The beginning of the story

The Macallan. The Malt.