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The Golden Age of Travel: An Era of Decadence

Marks of Excellence

The Golden Age of Travel: An Era of Decadence

Distilling the essence of bygone eras

There is a special nostalgia associated with certain time periods in history, and the 1930s is one such fascinating era. This was a time of great change and seemingly endless opportunities found through luxury travel. 


An Opulent Invitation

The 1930s was a time of luxury and elegance. During this period casks were carefully laid down at The Macallan Distillery to embark on their own extraordinary voyage of maturation. Each of these exceptional single malts is beautifully showcased in a handcrafted Lalique crystal decanter featuring an illustration of a mode of transport from a moment in time forming The Macallan Golden Age of Travel Series. 

Both unwavering in the pursuit of excellence in our respective fields, The Macallan has partnered with Lalique since 2005 and has collaborated on a number of collections including The Six Pillars and The M Collection.

GAT 4 stopper detail shot
Each decanter is styled as an exquisite interpretation of a travelling flask, featuring, on the stopper, the ‘Wind Rose’, which was included on maps in the 1930’s and is reminiscent of the endless adventures.

The glamorous Golden Age of Travel is one which is synonymous with Lalique and its founding father, René Lalique, who created some of his finest works that now define the era including glass lighting decoration for the Normandie ocean liner’s dining room and the beautiful glass panels in the ‘wagon présidentiel’ on the Orient Express train in the 1930’s.

Silvio Denz, Chairman and CEO, Lalique

Ocean Liner 

  • The exceptionally rare Macallan whisky was distilled in 1937, first bottled in 1971 at 34 years old, and rebottled in 2015. Like the era it celebrates, it is a rich and warm single malt with a refined sense of style.


  • The Aeroplane conveys the decadence of air travel during the era and hints at heady exotic destinations yet to be explored. Distilled in 1937, first bottled in 1972, and rebottled in 2016, this 35 years old whisky has an elegant and deeply rich character.

Steam Train

  • A time of glamour and romance, this rich and enticing release was distilled in 1937, first bottled in 1973, and rebottled in 2017. It embraces the luxury carriages with stunning interiors that transported their passengers on magical journeys across spectacular landscapes.

Motor Car

  • During the 1930s the automobile business flourished and made strides that would set the tone of the industry for decades to come. Just as interiors became more opulent, this whisky contains invigorating notes of polished antique wood on the nose, similar to the finishes of a luxurious 1930s motor car. Distilled in 1937, it relives an age of bold steps and innovation.


  • Distilled in 1940, this distinct 35 year old single malt celebrates the far-reaching innovations of the 1930s. It distils the essence of bygone eras, a time of great change and the seemingly endless opportunities through international travel. 
Each limited-edition decanter in the Golden Age of Travel series is encased within a beautiful premium leather presentation box created by leather masters Piñavall in Ubrique, Spain. Piñavall is renowned for its work with some of the world’s leading fashion brands. In keeping with the Golden Age of Travel concept, each box consciously evokes design elements of classic 1930’s travel trunks.

Allied together by a commitment to craft, mastery and beauty, this series is a true tribute and an invitation to a new world of possibilities. This era allowed the discovery of fresh and exotic destinations made possible through luxury travel. Each release in this series is a testament to The Golden Age of Travel, and the period of glamour and style it represents.

A Golden Era


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