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Planning your Visit

The Macallan Distillery Experience Reopening Guidance

We care deeply about the health and safety of our guests. Please read the below guidance about the new measures we have put in place to keep you safe, frequently asked questions and how to prepare for your visit.

Your Visit

The Macallan Distillery Experience Reopening

We are pleased to share that bookings for experiences at The Macallan Distillery have reopened, with guests being welcomed on-site from Saturday 26th September 2020. With this comes a number of changes to our guest experiences to ensure the safety of all guests and The Macallan team. We will continue to update our website and practices in accordance with government guidance.

A comprehensive strategy has been developed, in line with national and regional government guidelines, to create a safe guest environment within The Macallan Estate.

In light of steps taken, The Macallan has been accredited with the industry standards ‘We’re Good To Go’ and ‘AA Covid confident’ – official UK bodies which mark compliance with Covid-19 guidelines for hospitality and tourism businesses.

Please be aware that anyone who visits or books an experience at The Macallan Distillery must agree to the following:

  • I confirm that no-one in my group will visit The Macallan Estate if they (or someone in their household) has had any of the Coronavirus symptoms within the last 14 days
  • I understand that I must wear a face covering within The Macallan Distillery Experience, unless seated for dining or at The Macallan Bar
  • I understand that there should not be guests from more than two households in my group
  • I confirm that my group will adhere to all social distancing guidelines during our visit
  • I understand that bookings for experiences or dining at The Macallan Distillery Experience may be subject to change at short notice, based on updates to national or local government guidance
  • I understand that The Macallan will retain my data to comply with NHS Scotland's Trace and Protect Strategy. I agree that my data will be managed in line with the Test and Protect Privacy Notice

Please take time to read through the frequently asked questions and the safety measures implemented below. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to Contact us.

Experience Bookings

Do I need to book my experience online?

  • Yes, all guests who wish to partake in The Macallan Discovery Experience or The Macallan Mastery Experience will have to pre-book.

What days will The Macallan Estate be open to the public? 

  • The Macallan Estate will be open for general access on Saturday and Sunday from 26th September 2020 onward. All experiences should be pre-booked through The Macallan website. 

Are you restricting capacity at the Distillery?

  • The maximum number of people permitted in The Distillery Experience at any one time will be 80 people, including The Macallan team. 

What is the new size of your experiences?

  • 6 guests  from a maximum of two households are currently permitted on The Macallan Discovery Experience and The Macallan Mastery Experience. 

Will you still be doing tastings as part of your experiences?

  • Yes, we will still host tastings as part of the experience, ensuring we are taking necessary precautions to keep our guests and team safe.

What is your Cancellation Policy if I develop Covid-19 symptoms?

  • If you develop any symptoms of Covid-19 between booking and the date of your visit, please contact us to cancel and/or reschedule your experience. Cancellations are managed in line with our Terms and Conditions.

Facilities at The Macallan Distillery Experience

Are the Elchies Brasserie, The Macallan Bar, and the Boutique open?

  • Yes, The Elchies Brasserie, The Macallan Bar, and the Boutique are open on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 17:30.

Can I visit the Elchies Brasserie, The Macallan Bar, or The Macallan Boutique without booking online?

  • Yes, guests can visit The Macallan Bar and Boutique without being pre-booked on an experience. We do recommend making a reservation for the Elchies Brasserie to avoid disappointment. Please note, if you arrive at the Distillery Experience without a booking for an experience, you will be welcomed and asked for your contact details in line with NHS Scotland’s Trace and Protect strategy.

Do you still accept cash payments at The Macallan Estate?

  • In line with Government guidance, our preferred method of payment at The Macallan Bar, Elchies Brasserie and The Macallan Boutique is contactless card payments. Where card payments are not possible, we will have in place a safe system for handling cash, which prioritises the safety of our staff and guests.

Will any areas of the Distillery be closed due to coronavirus restrictions?  

  • We have reopened all guest areas within the Distillery Experience including The Macallan Bar, The Macallan Boutique and the Elchies Brasserie, at a reduced capacity. 

Will the toilet facilities be open?

  • Yes, our toilet facilities will be open, with an increased cleaning schedule in place.

Personal Safety Measures

Will I need to wear a face mask? 

  • All guests visiting The Macallan Distillery Experience are required to wear a face covering at all times, unless seated for dining or at The Macallan Bar. 
  • Guests pre-booked onto an experience will receive a welcome pack that includes a branded 50ml hand sanitiser, branded pocket sized tissues, branded pocket sized anti-bacterial wipes, a disposable face mask and a branded anti-contact keyring.
  • The Macallan Distillery Team will wear high quality, reusable face masks as part of their uniform. 

Are you conducting temperature checks?

  • We will not check guests’ temperature upon arrival. If you develop any symptoms of Covid-19 prior to your visit, please contact us to reschedule or cancel your visit. 

Will hand sanitiser be supplied?

  • Hand sanitiser stations will be available throughout the Distillery Experience and anti-bacterial wipes will be readily available for staff and guests to use, when required. Guests pre-booked onto an experience will also receive a 50ml hand sanitiser and pocket sized anti-bacterial wipes within their welcome pack.

Additional Safety and Cleaning Measures

Have you introduced any additional safety measures for your team?

  • Our team is equipped with PPE as part of their uniform, and will be wearing high quality, reusable face masks and gloves to ensure their safety and the safety of our guests. 

What additional measures are in place within Elchies Brasserie and The Macallan Bar? 

  • We have arranged separate tables and chairs in Elchies Brasserie and The Macallan Bar areas for guests’ comfort. We have also introduced a one-way system in areas of the Distillery Experience to allow for social distancing. 

What additional measures are in place within The Macallan Boutique? 

  • Only one bottle of each whisky will be displayed within The Macallan Boutique, clearly labelled as ‘Display Only’. 
  • If a guest handles the display bottle, it will be removed, sanitised, and replaced with a clean bottle. 

What other measures have been implemented throughout the building? 

  • We have introduced a one-way system at the entrance and exit, on the stairs and within The Macallan Jewel Box. 
  • Additional signage has been introduced to ensure social distancing throughout the Distillery Experience. 
  • We have increased our cleaning schedule to ensure all ‘high-touch’ areas are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised on a regular basis. 
  • We will be using a product called Zoono throughout the Guest Experience, which 
    • Cleans and disinfects, removes/kills microorganisms at point of use.
    • Surfaces quickly become re-contaminated after 2 hours - Zoono creates a residual barrier to greatly reduce re-contamination.
    • Zoono delivers: “A sustained microbiologically clean environment reducing the level of contamination with pathogenic microorganisms on a continual basis.”



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