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In Collaboration

There are times when something created is more than the sum of its parts. Our In Collaboration series documents our creative alliances with like minded people who carry the same spirit and vision that drive us onwards, and help us to capture and share new perspectives and facets of our stories.

In Collaboration with

Sir Peter Blake

Shared values of creativity and legacy have resulted in a natural partnership with Sir Peter Blake lasting almost four decades, bringing together iconic art and legendary whisky.

In Collaboration with

Javi Aznarez

Spanish painter and illustrator Javi Aznarez created a story of three key moments in the history of The Macallan, observed from the present time, as the inspiration to the Red Collection.

In Collaboration with

Steve McCurry

Internationally renowned photographer Steve McCurry has a deep, long standing relationship with The Macallan. He documented our wood story through his lens for The Macallan Double Cask.

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