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The Macallan 50 Years Old - 2018 Release

The Macallan 52 Years Old - 2018 Release

A complex whisky presenting rich fruit and dark chocolate fondant characters.

A Celebration of Peerless Quality

Robust Elegance In the Harmony of Wood and Spirit

Every so often, something truly unique and remarkable comes along. The Macallan 52 years has been slowly matured for over fifty decades in one exceptional, hand crafted first fill European oak sherry seasoned cask from Spain. Remarkably rare, this limited edition single malt whisky has only 250 individually numbered bottles available worldwide. The Macallan 52 years old 2018, never to be repeated.

Laid down to gently and quietly mature in a warehouse overlooked by Easter Elchies House, The Macallan’s spiritual home since 1824, The Macallan 52 years old has acquired a robust elegance from the luxury single malt’s iconic curiously small stills.

A complex whisky presenting rich fruit and dark chocolate fondant characters, The Macallan 52 years old is a beautiful deep ruby mahogany natural colour. The quality of the spirit is a testament to The Macallan’s exceptional oak casks formed under the watchful eyes of The Macallan masters of wood, and delivered through the years to the exacting specifications of generations of master distillers.

It is a whisky defined by an unwavering pledge to create peerless single malts, and reflects the singular harmony created through the mastery of wood and spirit for which The Macallan has been renowned since its inception.

The Experience

  • Colour

    Vibrant amber

  • Nose

    Wood vanillas open with a hint of spice. Ripe blackcurrants and an earthy tone combine with a background of subtle peat to give a rich body.

  • Palate

    Sweet oak vanillas, fudge and toffee coat the mouth. Distinct black peppercorns follow to provide gentle warmth with deep sweetness joining from orange peel and figs.

  • Finish

    Incredibly viscous mouth coating, long and slightly dry from the subtle peat notes.

  • Abv:


Fine and Rare

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