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The Macallan Anecdotes of Ages - Notelets

Exclusively for The Macallan, British pop artist Sir Peter Blake has created an awe-inspiring collection of art.  Inspired by the history, community and landscape, Blake’s iconic crowd collage playfully depicts the heritage of The Macallan Distillery.  In celebration of this collaboration the creative experience continues with a range of beautiful notelets and notebooks to capture your own inspirational moments.


A set of thirteen unique notelets featuring art by Sir Peter Blake created exclusively for The Macallan. Each design is inspired by an anecdote from The Macallan, celebrating the community and the beautiful landscape of Easter Elchies Estate from the distillery’s foundation in 1824 to the present day. Blake reimagines each anecdote in crowd collage, positioning influential characters and backdrops in his own iconic style. Each notelet features a different piece of art, an accompanying anecdote and a blank page to write a personal message.