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The Macallan Fine & Rare Tim Walker 1950s 700ml Decade Design

Journey Into

The 1950s

If the 1940s concluded with promise, the 1950s set foundations on which to build it for real. In 1953, a pendulum swing of just three days, between the triumphant ascent of Everest and Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, linked events that inspired incredible confidence. The sixties would swing in a different fashion.

On The Macallan Estate, nature continued to lend its own majesty. Darting over granite, quartzite and limestone rocks, smoothed by the rush of the River Spey, streaks of silver telegraphed the salmon speeding by. They continued their epic journeys, up-river and far out to the Atlantic. That year, some of the whisky they swam past travelled further still, as two hogsheads were shipped to The Macallan’s first official American agent.

Photography by Tim Walker, inspired by The Macallan Estate.

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A Rare Moment

The 1950s

Silvers, blues, reds and russets. Colours were somehow more vivid after the drab, downplayed years of rationing. Fashions readied themselves for bolder steps to come. Art asserted itself in ways demanding redefinition. Close by Easter Elchies, the home of exceptional, single malt whisky, the artistry was captured in familiar, burnished golden form.

The 1953 Fine & Rare bottle is a perfect representative of that shared, positive time. Canny, future guardians of this unrepeatable souvenir will be able to share that joy with the greatest pleasure.

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All NOBLE things are as difficult as they are RARE.

Bernard Spinoza

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