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Fine and Rare 1960s Global EN

The Macallan Fine & Rare Tim Walker 1960s 700ml Decade Design
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The 1960s

In 1960, Elvis Presley arrived in Scotland, the sole visit by the King of Rock and Roll. The decade rolled on to see seismic social change. In Hamburg, the Beatles began a 48-night residency. Martin Luther King dared to dream. These were the years that Scottish Ballet first danced sure-footedly onto the stage.

Easter Elchies House becomes the home of The Macallan, following its purchase. Pivoting off years of careful planning, the company’s reputation – and its whisky – travelled steadily across the seas (thank you, Poseidon).

Photography by Tim Walker, inspired by The Macallan Estate.

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A Rare Moment

The 1960s

The importance of water in The Macallan’s story, whether as clear, Highland springs, the swift River Spey or as the medium of worldwide shipping, cannot be diluted. The long march to single malt over blending gathered pace. On the London Stock Exchange, an initial share offering successfully funded a second production house to lay down more casks to meet ever growing demand.

Progressive and radical though the times may have been, there were serious concerns too. Conflicts flared across the continents and bravery took men into space and onto the moon. At The Macallan, steady eyes and sure hands maintained standards, quality and respect for nature at all times. The Fine & Rare 1967 is an elegant exemplar of a point in history where, while a generation may have lost its inhibitions, it never lost its bottle.

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