La Gama

The 1824 Series

The Macallan Gold


A liquid gold appearance with with notes of citrus and boiled sweets.

The Macallan Amber


An warmth of amber colour with notes of vanilla and citrus fruits

The Macallan Sienna


An appetising Sienna hue delivers vanilla, orange and chocolate.

The Macallan Ruby


Glinting hues of red underpin the name of this unique whisky and speak to its intense flavours.

The Story Behind The Series

Celebrating Natural Colour

Maturation in sherry seasoned oak casks, one of the most distinctive and defining characteristic of The Macallan, lies at the heart of The 1824 Series. Matured in 100% sherry seasoned American and European oak casks, the range delivers a gradation of colour from light to dark, with the natural wood character defining a unique flavour in each expression. From lighter, lemon citrus notes to richer flavours of dried fruit, each release builds in intensity as you progress through the range.