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A Darkness Mastered from Centuries of Enlightenment

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The Macallan M and M Black hold a place of distinction within The Macallan range, celebrating the mastery, creativity and character that defines The Macallan’s extraordinary single malt whisky.

The pursuit of mastery and excellence necessitates the continual pushing of boundaries, challenging conventional and accepted norms. The Macallan M and M Black encapsulate this vision, bringing together three masters of their craft in one striking collaboration: The Macallan, renowned creative director Fabien Baron and masters of crystal, Lalique. 


The Macallan M and The Macallan M Black 2020 are a true celebration of craftsmanship. A triumph of supreme spirit, exquisite crystal, and breath-taking design.

Jaume Ferras Global Creative Director for The Macallan

The Macallan M

Darkness into the Light

The Macallan M 2020 release is one of our darkest spirits, a sensual masterpiece. Among the darkest of The Macallan outturns, it shines a light on a rare selection of fewer than ten, irreplaceable casks. It captures darkness, light and beauty all at once. The six facets of the decanter reflect and refract light, dancing the dark whisky to life. Prolonged contact with sherry seasoned oak casks have burnished the deep and brooding single malt; The Macallan M presents a chord of rich flavour notes, mellowed to deeply hued perfection.

The Macallan M reflects our dedication to mastery and craftsmanship. With its rich amber colour, this release is beautifully balanced on the nose with aromas of date, fig and ginger nutmeg leading into a medley of sticky date, baked apple, orange oil and dark chocolate on the palate. Vanilla fudge and a rich oak flavour come through fleetingly before warming wood spices open up to a long lasting ginger and raisin finish.

A darkness rich with promise. A light to sparkle in the sun. There could be no better expressions of single malt and contemporary crystal glassware to complement one another.

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The Macallan M Black

Dark into the Darkness

From rare, black-ended casks, The Macallan M Black 2020 is revealed. On The Macallan Estate rare black-ended casks patiently mature; these casks have given M Black a peated note unique to The Macallan.

An exception to the rule, The Macallan M Black 2020 release marries hints of peat to the unmistakable, signature Macallan character. In its honour, its enigmatic new home is hand crafted from black Lalique crystal, one of the most complex materials in the glass blower’s repertoire, requiring far greater skill and time to produce.

Subtly smoky and brooding it may be, but the whisky possesses the spark and breeding of a true Macallan. Displaying a rich natural colour of golden sunrise, The Macallan M Black opens-up with a harmonious combination of dark chocolate, cherry, wood spices and ginger aromas on the nose. On the palate it leads with black forest fruits, which open into a vanilla and fig medley. Ginger continues throughout as the combination of orange oil and peat gently rises and falls and there is a lingering finish of sweet peat smoke.

This remarkable, limited release is presented in an exclusive decanter, fashioned in black crystal. Utterly unique, this is peated perfection in almost unrepeatable seductive form. 

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Pushing the Limits of Design

Both The Macallan M and M Black are a testament to the custodians who have guarded and treasured the exceptional oak casks and their precious contents for generations.

This is reflected in the whisky decanters, designed by Fabien Baron, whose vision combines aesthetic expression with commercial art in its finest form. Hand blown in crystal glass by legendary French house Lalique, the striking decanters are individually numbered. Lalique has been leading French glass making since 1888, and is a master in the art of glass making.
The Macallan M and M Black decanters are formed of contrasting clear and black crystal. The six facets represent The Macallan’s Six Pillars of distinction, namely: The Macallan’s spiritual home, Easter Elchies House; the curiously small stills; the finest cut of new make spirit; exceptional oak casks; natural colour; and peerless spirit. There could be no better expression of single malt and contemporary crystal glassware to complement one another.

Distinction deserves celebration, and these remarkable single malts hold a special place, both in their unique spirits, and the breathtaking decanters that contain them.
The Macallan M Black 2020 Mood Shot


The Macallan M Black


The Macallan M