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The Macallan

Our Stories

Discover the heritage, innovations and pioneering craftsmanship that make The Macallan the whisky it is today.

Our Stories

The Making of The Macallan

From heritage and craftsmanship, to beauty, creativity and an uncompromising commitment to excellence, The Macallan draws from and is impelled by the decisions, stories and people who have shaped us.

Explore some of our stories and the characters from our past who have influenced The Macallan's commitment to whisky making, and the dedicated attention to detail that has shaped our decisions and informs our future.


From Seed to Spirit

Our exceptional whiskies are characterised from the time spent in the very best casks, ensuring 100% natural colour. We use the best natural resources – pure Scottish water and highest quality barley for our new make spirit.

With up to 80% of the flavour coming from our casks, we craft each one individually from sustainable oak, sourced from the finest forests in two continents: America and Europe.

Our Wood Journey

Our Ingredients

Our Distillation


From Speyside to Global Renown

Our obsession with quality and using only the best natural ingredients started with Alexander Reid in 1824. It’s a tradition we’ve continued ever since.

Our distillery is the embodiment of our commitment to whisky making. A fusion of art, architecture and science, our dedication to create only the finest whiskies will continue for generations to come. In fact, it tells you everything you need to know about The Macallan, and how innovation has always fuelled our past, present and future.

Our Distillery

Easter Elchies House

Sharing The Macallan with The World



From Alexander Reid to The Macallan Whisky Mastery Team

The Macallan’s history is distinguished by many pioneers. Alexander Reid was the first to be granted a licence to distil whisky on our tranquil Speyside Estate, and today our Whisky Mastery Team carries this legacy and vision forward into the future.

Meet the Whisky Mastery Team

WWI and a Refusal to Compromise