Gran Reserva 15 Years Old

An exclusive release of a classic single malt.

The Macallan Gran Reserva 15 Years Old

A Dark And Tantalizing Spirit

Released as a 15 years old for the first time, Gran Reserva is a rich, fruity and full-bodied single malt whisky, matured predominantly in first-fill sherry seasoned European oak casks. Once filled into casks hand-picked by our Master Distiller, previously under the care of our Master of Wood, the maturing spirit remains undisturbed for a full 15 years. Here, inside the carefully sourced, crafted, toasted and seasoned oak, this tantalising single malt develops its natural colour, distinctive aromas and lingering flavours.

A statement in the exquisite influence of our exceptional oak casks in transforming the finest cut of our 'new make' spirit, this whisky offers an extraordinary experience in taste and aroma.

The Experience


Polished Walnut


Rich dried fruit, warm winter spices, orange and dark chocolate, underlying oak notes


An explosion of spice with soft notes of rich fruit, lingering orange and oak


Complex and long. Wood and warm spices harmoniously combine with dark chocolate and orange




희소성과 개성을 갖춘, 그 제품만의 스토리를 지닌 명품


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