The Quest Collection

이 제품 라인에 속하는 각 싱글 몰트 위스키는 활기참과 신선함에서 시작해서 풍부함과 강렬함으로 이어지는 풍미와 질감을 추구하는 Macallan의 정수를 상징하는 위스키입니다. The Macallan Enigma은 풍부하면서 강렬한 풍미의 위스키로 Quest Collection 여정의 정점을 나타냅니다.

ABV : 44.9% | Volume : 70CL

The Macallan Enigma

풍부하면서 강렬한 싱글 몰트 위스키로 성숙한 오크의 품미를 계피, 바닐라 그리고 건과의 미세한 맛과 함께 선사합니다.

The Experience


스페니시 선셋 색상

성숙한 오크 풍미로부터 건과, 바닐라, 달콤한 배 그리고 계피의 맛으로 이어집니다.

건과와 우드 스파이스가 혀를 휘감습니다. 생강, 계피 그리고 오크가 깊이를 더해 줍니다.


완전한 여운. 오래 머물며, 길이 기억되는 위스키.

The Macallan Enigma

또 다른 발견의 경계

The Macallan Enigma is the pinnacle of the journey, created closest to the heart of The Macallan. Aged exclusively in European oak sherry-seasoned casks from one cooperage in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, this is a whisky that signifies the essence of The Macallan.

Perfectly capturing the ultimate sherry richness, the Enigma single malt is characterised by full, lingering flavours of dried fruits, rich cinnamon and intensely smooth wood spice; heightening anticipation in our never-ending quest for perfection.

Portraying the cross-section of an oak-tree. The Macallan Enigma depicts the heart of The Macallan, revealing a new journey and an undiscovered world once again.

남다름의 표상


Every Macallan single malt reveals the unrivalled commitment to the mastery of wood and spirit for which The Macallan has been known since it was established in 1824. It is an expression of our enduring desire to go beyond ordinary, to seek out the extraordinary, and create peerless single malts.

With an unflinching commitment to put sherry casks at the heart of The Macallan single malt, our reputation for the extraordinary is testament to the exceptional oak casks in which we mature our spirit. Sourced, crafted, toasted and seasoned under the watchful eye of The Macallan Master of Wood, these hand-picked casks are delivered to the demanding specifications of The Macallan Master Distiller and his team.

Once filled, the maturing spirit remains undisturbed in the same casks for the necessary number of years it needs to be worthy of its destined Macallan expression. It is these oak casks that make the greatest contribution to the quality, natural colour and distinctive aromas and flavours which lie at the heart of The Macallan single malt.

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