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Distil London Experiences

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Paired with The Macallan Distil Your World London Single Cask, a gastronomical experience inspired by the Roca brothers dish will be featured at The Macallan Manor House at Rosewood, London. Here you can also enjoy the culinary pairing of iconic bites created by the Roca brothers with our single cask whisky, exclusive to the experience.

The Distil London Gastronomical Experience

Set at The Macallan Manor House at Rosewood London, experience a dish inspired by the Roca brothers representing London’s essence. Inspired by their journey with The Macallan, the Roca brothers distilled the essence of London into a culinary dish that captures the essential characteristics of this city. Vegetables that represent London’s produce from the land, with a scallop presented as if it was a goldsmith’s piece of art.
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Iconic Bites

Infused with London tasting notes, the Roca brothers distilled the essence of the city into a curation of gastronomic bites.

The chestnut colour of the whisky is reminiscent of the nuts at the heart of the gastronomic essences of our London. Walnuts, cashews and macadamia nuts are kernels interpreted as aromatic planets orbiting around the London universe. They encapsulate the aromas that the Roca brothers and whisky maker Steven Bremner selected. The result is a sensorial journey into London’s values: tradition, creative goldsmithing, and innovation.

The Macallan Manor House at Rosewood London

The Macallan Manor House is hosted at the Rosewood London terrace, a fully heated outdoor space.

Address: The Macallan Manor House at Rosewood London No. 252 High Holborn, London, United Kingdom WC1V 7EN The Macallan Manor House Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday 12-10pm

The Macallan Estate

Plan your Visit

Whilst our Distillery experiences must be booked in advance, you do not need to book an experience to enjoy the bar.

To help you plan your visit and experience, dining at Elchies Brasserie is available for pre-booking, by emailing [email protected] Due to the reduced capacity, we would recommend booking in advance. Tables at Elchies Brasserie can be booked up to 6pm the evening before, where availability allows.

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