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The Macallan Society

As part of The Macallan Society, you will be the first to hear exciting news and will gain greater access to The Macallan. Join us for a richer and more meaningful journey.  

As a brand with deep roots, we understand the importance of building and nurturing close relationships with our customers, both at home in Scotland, and across the world. This is the very reason we have created The Macallan Society.

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The Distillery at night

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As a member of The Macallan Society you will receive access to ballots and new releases.

You will also have access to deeper insights into our production, partnerships and people, and digital experiences designed for The Macallan Society.
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As we create new experiences, events and products we will ensure our members are amongst the first to hear about them.

You will also be the first to be offered access to experiences at The Estate, ensuring our most passionate consumers can experience the best of The Macallan.
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Discover A Tailored Experience

We know our consumers' passion for The Macallan comes to life in a myriad of ways, and what you’re interested in experiencing, sampling and learning more about is unique to you.

As part of The Macallan Society we’ll be tailoring your recommendations and invitations, so you get to see, sample and experience more of what is exciting for you.
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Start exploring what it truly means to be a part of The Macallan Society. Join us on a shared journey of exploration

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