40 Years Old - 2016 Release

A Rare and Classic Macallan

The The Whisky Story

  • In the spring of 2006, The Macallan Master Whisky Maker, Bob Dalgarno, and his team were meticulously crafting the annual release of The Macallan 30 Years Old Sherry Oak. A total of 27 sherry-seasoned oak casks had been carefully selected from 9 different years of distillation and laid down to mature.

    To begin the marrying stage – a significantly time-consuming element of the whisky-making approach adopted by The Macallan – most of the precious spirit from the 27 casks was combined and then filled into nine marrying casks at the customary marrying strength.

    But the instinct of the Master Whisky Maker led to a tenth cask being filled and laid back down. Already matured for three decades, the whisky in this refill butt was kept at its natural strength. When it reached 35 years of age in 2011 it was assessed again, and a conscious decision was made to allow the whisky to continue to mature and develop character. Finally, at 40 years of age, the time had come.

    This additional decade of careful maturation through to 2016 has produced a superlative and distinct single malt to add to the collection of rich, mature expressions from The Macallan. The resulting whisky, which is only the second ever non-vintage release of a 40 years old expression, is definitively The Macallan.

The The Experience


  • ginger
  • sherry
  • citrus
  • wood smoke
  • cinnamon
  • dried fruits
  • chocolate
  • warm spice
Autumn Russet
Smoky, lightly peated with ginger, sherry, citrus, cinnamon, chocolate and wood smoke.
Wonderfully smooth, with soft spices, dried fruits, sherry, citrus and wood smoke.
Long, rich and warming with chocolate, cinnamon and spice.

The The Perfect Serve


  • Straight

    Enjoy with nothing added

  • Water

    Add a splash of water to release the flavours