The Macallan Lumina

A bold, zesty whisky with notes of creamy vanilla, wood spice and ginger

The The direction of the journey

Discerning in the search for future endeavours

  • The Macallan Lumina embraces the direction of the journey where old and new worlds combine over 15,000 miles to find three exact casks types.

    European and American sherry-seasoned oak casks are combined with hogsheads casks to create a spirit that is grounded in the old world, but inspired by the new. Characterised by its bold flavours with notes of creamy vanilla, ginger and wood spice, this is a single malt whisky that renews the quest for excellence.

    With forest green packaging, The Macallan Lumina illustrates the view of the tree canopy and hints of light through the leaves as the journey progresses.

The The Experience

Savour every moment

  • Pear
  • Apple
  • Ginger
  • Toffee
  • Citrus
  • Fresh Oak
  • Warm Spices
  • Vanilla
Harvest Gold
Citrus fruits, open softy. Apple and pear lead to lemon zest, toffee and oak.
Wood spices and ginger soften to fresh apples, sweet vanilla and soft oak tones.
Good length. Warming fruit and spices. Soft and dry.

The The Perfect Serve

Bring the flavours to life

  • Straight

    Enjoy with nothing added

  • Water

    Add a splash of water to release the flavours

  • Ice

    Add some ice for a refreshing drink

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