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Gift Guide 2022


The Precious Gift

This is the season of celebration, of coming together and sharing food, memories and gifts of appreciation.

With rich and colourful illustrations highlighting the joy and light of the season, we have curated a selection of distinct single malts to help you choose the perfect gift. Savour the holiday season and make every moment exceptional with a timeless gift from our limited collection of lifestyle accessories.
The Macallan A Night On Earth In Scotland Edition Bottle for Christmas with red background

A Night on Earth In Scotland

Telling the story of Scotland’s world-famous Hogmanay festivities celebrated annually on 31st December, A Night on Earth In Scotland captures the universal joy of celebrating the change of year.

Created from a selection of our exceptional American and European oak sherry seasoned casks, along with American ex-bourbon barrels to deliver its rich, sweet shortbread-like character.

Double Cask

Discover the gift of The Macallan Double Cask this festive season.

Crafted without compromise from the perfect balance of hand-picked American and European oak sherry seasoned casks, this range celebrates the coming together of two styles to brings a unique character to the fore, whilst presenting familiar flavours.
The Macallan Double Cask products for New Years against a yellow background with decorations surrounding
The Macallan Sherry Oak 18 Years Old illustration for Christmas on Red background surrounded by decorations

Sherry Oak 18 Years Old

Celebrate the big moments this festive season by gifting something special: The Macallan Sherry Oak 18 Years Old.

This remarkably rich expression delivers notes of mature oak, ginger, and raisin. Try this whisky neat to experience all of the flavour notes for the perfect way to celebrate.
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Explore the tasting video

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