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In Collaboration With Javi Aznarez

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The Macallan Red Collection is an expression and celebration of our history, carried through to the present day. The distinct people and stories that are connected to the collection embody our values and they have played a key role in shaping The Macallan into the brand it is today. 

When it came to telling these stories, all connected by a red thread, we chose to work in collaboration with painter and illustrator, Javi Aznarez. His distinct technique, relationship to colour and dedicated pursuit of artistry connected him with these special stories we wanted to share. 

When a brand like The Macallan, which has been making whisky for nearly 200 years, asks you to draw red, to explain what red means for them, it's quite a challenge.

Javi Aznarez
Red Collection in collaboration Javier Aznarez drawing on seaside


Javi Aznarez

Based in Cadaqués, Spain, Javi worked as a cartoonist in Paris for four years, before making the decision to leave the city and settle in a quiet town on the Spanish coast, surrounded by nature. There his small studio is his sanctuary to come up with new ideas and characters, to take the time needed to create something of excellence.

Time Worth Taking

Just as Javi chooses to take time to hone and develop his craft, we do the same with our single malts. The imprint of time is revealed in our new make spirit as it matures in our oak casks. Years and decades of patient waiting allow our whisky’s complex flavours and 100% natural colours to develop and mature fully.

I think The Macallan and I value time very much. I need plenty of time to do my drawings and they need years to achieve the excellence of this whisky.

Javi Aznarez

Using his skills and passion, Javi portrays the key characters in our history who have helped lead The Macallan to excellence. He brought Alexander Reid "the Red", Allan Shiach and Roderick Kemp to life, while helping us to tell the story of this distinct and one-of-a-kind collection. 


The Macallan Red Collection

The Macallan Red Collection reflects our deep respect for time, tradition and craftsmanship. The distinctive colour celebrates the rich range of reds present naturally in The Macallan—in every step of the process.

The Red Collection: A Dream of Old

A Study in Red