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In Collaboration With Naíma Almedia

Th12 22 2022

A Night on Earth in Scotland captures the universal joy of celebrating the change of year at Hogmanay, Scotland’s world-famous New Year’s Eve celebration. The new year is a time to enjoy the precious gift of time with those you hold dear, and gather together to celebrate one another.

For this year's Festive campaign, we collaborated with renowned Brazilian artist Naíma Almedia. Inspired by nature, she carefully designed the artwork for this special release by observing natural life to uncover and beautifully illustrate something that nature has always known, the value of time


Through the mixed media of exceptional graphic design and hand-painted craft, Naíma brought the spirit of The Macallan to life through her intricate designs. She works with the natural elements and uses meticulous techniques centred around a stylised interpretation of nature, looking to express the geometry of shapes through a very graphic interpretation. 

Each element is made of overlapping, hand-painted wood layers. Individually they are represented in a synthetic way, but the whole is rich in details. When combined they form an expressive artwork, recognised for unique elements and vibrant colours.

The inspiration I find in nature is the same that makes The Macallan respect the processes necessary to achieve excellence in the crafting of their whisky.

Naíma Almedia

Meet Naíma Almedia

Naima is a Brazilian artist focused on graphic design and hand-made projects. She sees design as a weft where creative areas intertwine. 

Instead of defining the limits between design and art, manual and digital, she focuses on appreciating the free flow between these areas and different media in search of a satisfying outcome for every project. 

Her work is often a bold, graphic and colourful exploration. There is clear care in the details and colour relations. It can be seen in her current acrylic work or with felt, where she makes large compositions with hundreds of felt pieces embedded, overlapping and glued one by one.


Cabinets of Curiosities 

There is a mythical story about how mankind kept their discoveries about Nature in the so-called Cabinets of Curiosities. These cabinets of precious discoveries were the starting point for the modern creations by Naíma. 

A Night on Earth in Scotland celebrates cherishing special times with those most precious to us. We see the Cabinets of Curiosities as a personal space where we put what we consider important and valuable. There is a direct emotional connection between the curator and the cabinet.



A limited edition single malt that tells a story of New Year in Scotland, reflecting the joy of celebrating special occasions with loved ones.

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