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The Macallan Sour

The Macallan Sour

E600CA23-A5CF-4F30-BC0F-7E8B830451E0@2x Tháng 5 18 2022 · 1 thời lượng đọc

No cocktail has stood the test of time more than The Sour. Sophisticated and beautifully balanced, The Macallan Sour is a modern spin on the quintessential New York serve. Historically, The Whisky Sour is believed to have first appeared in the print edition of the famed ‘Jerry Thomas Bartenders Guide’ in 1862.

The Macallan Double Cask 15 Years Old provides a complex base of subtle butterscotch, apple and sweet spice, paired with an aromatic Sherry float.​ A short tumbler or Old Fashioned is the traditional glass to use (also known as a lowball). You can serve your cocktail neat or over ice.



  • Shake all ingredients, except sherry, into an ice filled shaker.
  • Strain into glass over ice.
  • Using a bar spoon, slowly layer the sherry over the top of the cocktail.

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