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A Green Roofscape Inspired by Nature

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The Macallan story begins on our 485-acre Estate, an area of exceptional natural beauty that supports a rich and varied ecosystem. Our commitment to doing the right thing actively informs every decision we make, not only in relation to what's right for the legacy of our precious single malt whisky, but also for our Estate and the many species of wildlife and plants that also call it home.

The Macallan Estate has been our home for almost 200 years. We have strong roots here, nurtured by a natural harmony with the rolling landscape surrounding us, and the abundance of life it supports. The Distillery blends effortlessly into the ancient hills of Speyside with one of Europe’s largest green roofscapes at just over 12,000sqm. Planted with a mix of native species and herbs, it provides sustainable food and nesting resources for birds and insects.


A purposeful design

Our green roofscape encourages biodiversity while also serving as a symbol of The Macallan's dedication to excellence. It is one of the most complicated timber roof structures in the world, comprising 2,500 triangles and 380,000 individual components, almost none the same or equal.

Our idyllic natural surroundings are a constant source of inspiration for our whisky. That is why when redesigning our new Distillery, we put nature at the heart of our processes to ensure the creation of The Macallan's precious single malt whisky will endure for generations to come.

Evergreen roof Biodiversity on The Macallan Estate

A diverse ecosystem 

The Macallan Distillery is part of our Spiritual home, located on our 485-acre Estate. One of our Six Pillars, the Distillery is at the heart of The Macallan Estate and blends effortlessly into the rolling hills of our Speyside home.

Our relationship with farming, wildlife, water and woodlands is vital to our distillation process and a strong symbol of our enduring connection with nature.

Nature conservation

This breathtaking landscape of The Macallan Estate and its inhabitants are under our care and protection. 

Our commitment to ensuring that all wildlife, ecology, and landscape continue to thrive on the Estate is supported by our Habitat Management Plan, from the wild Atlantic salmon that swim up the River Spey to the red squirrels and pheasants that live in our forests.

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Nature on The Macallan Estate

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