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Distil Your World

A Unique Gastronomic Experience of London

Interpreting the soul of a city for the world of taste and cuisine.

United by an insatiable curiosity, quest for knowledge and dedication to mastery, The Macallan has collaborated with the Roca brothers on Distil Your World to bring their expertise in taste and cuisine to life in London.

Taking everything they had learned through immersing themselves in the city with Steven Bremner, The Macallan’s Whisky maker, they brought this knowledge into their kitchen.

A Spirit of Curiosity

Over three decades on from the creation of El Celler de Can Roca, this inquisitiveness remains key to the brothers’ collective spirit and sense of adventure. Translating the spirit of London into cuisine, the two dishes the Roca brothers created are a reflection of the very soul and capture the essence, aroma, and flavour of the city.

It’s like a ticket to London. Deciphering the codes of a city that is so complex and diverse.

The Roca brothers

The Gastronomic Experience

The Roca brothers’ expertise in cuisine has created a gastronomic experience representing the essence of London to be paired with The Macallan Distil Your World London single cask whisky.

The dish features an elegant consommé of hand-picked vegetables representative of London’s produce from the land, served with a scallop crafted to resemble a lotus flower, as if it was a goldsmith’s piece of art. The dish is accompanied with the specially created single cask whisky to provide an exquisite pairing.

The Iconic Bites Experience

The Roca brothers have created a flavourful snack experience comprising three types of spherical candied nuts, infused with unique London tasting notes including curry candied walnuts, Earl Grey candied macadamia nuts, and mint and ginger cashew nuts.

London is captured with hints of lemongrass, curry spice, bergamot, and Earl Grey, as well as spices, aniseed, and balsamic notes. The snack is accompanied by the specially created single cask whisky to provide an exquisite pairing, offering a sensorial journey into London’s values: tradition, creativity, and innovation.


A Single Cask Pairing

The London single malt was specially selected to enjoy as the perfect complement to unique gastronomic experiences. The snacks created by the Roca Brothers pair with the captivating and fresh notes of the whisky and connote a feeling of London as well.

With The Macallan, we started on a path over five years ago, we both came together to make things possible, and to think big about the possibility of making a new world.

The Roca brothers

Exclusive Experiences

Although their approach aims to go beyond what has been seen before, the Roca brothers’ inspiration is often founded in the stories and experience of different places, people and cultures. Together with The Macallan, they have captured the essence of London through unique food and whisky pairing experiences which represent the spirit of this celebrated city.

Distil Your World

London As Inspiration

Distil Your World

Distil London Experiences