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Distil Your World

London as Inspiration

What does it take to distil a city?

The Macallan Distil Your World London documents a journey into an uncharted London, with the purpose of distilling its very soul and capturing the essence, aroma, and flavour of the city through an exceptional single cask whisky paired with unique gastronomic experiences.

The city’s rich heritage and myriad of cultures, combined with a timeless spirit and an innovative nature, make it the ideal playing field for this journey of mastery.

Innovation and Inspiration

The Macallan’s Whisky Maker Steven Bremner and the Roca brothers embarked on this journey, and together they explored the mastery behind one of the world’s greatest cities.

Ultimately, this journey led them to their own complex and deep sensorial map of the city. With this map as inspiration, the Roca brothers gathered their innovation team to distil the unique flavours and scents that encompass the essence of London.

Thinking up dishes and snacks that remind us of a city is a real challenge. Encapsulating the aromas, the essence, an idea for an appetizer.

Josep Roca

Distil Your World London Single Cask

The Macallan’s Whisky Maker Steven Bremner journeyed together with the Roca brothers, seeking the same essence but through a completely different expression. Gathering everything he had learned, Steven Bremner collaborated with Josep Roca to carefully select an exclusive single cask at The Macallan Distillery to complement the gastronomic creations, and offer unique food and whisky pairing experiences which represent the city.

This remarkable single cask whisky delivers distinctive tasting notes of oak spice, lively ginger and cinnamon, inspired by the unique essence, aroma and experience.


Capturing The Essence of a City

To create the basis for their dishes, the Roca brothers and their innovation team drew inspiration from the palate of London. There is a strong relationship between culture and cuisine, and in many ways, the type of ingredients used define the city. Unlike other high-profile cities, London does not only have one cuisine, and the Roca brothers had to discern what flavours were most prominent.

They also looked to the rich history, sense of community, innovation and craftsmanship that the city encompasses. Taking many intangible characteristics and seeking to embody them in a gastronomic experience was an immense challenge. Yet, through this they created two distinctive gastronomic experiences – a mouth-watering dish and a flavourful snack - each capturing the spirit of London.

Distil Your World

Why London?

Distil Your World

A Unique Gastronomic Experience of London