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In Collaboration with Laura Winningham

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In Collaboration with Laura Winningham

London is a multifaceted city, where people, ideas, dreams and needs merge. Through Distil Your World London, The Macallan’s Whisky Maker Steven Bremner and the Roca brothers sought to uncover the essence of the city in all of its complexities, spending time with people from different walks of life and industries. They met artists and scholars, connoisseurs, leaders and strategists whose unique lens on the city revealed new insights and layers. 

During this process of distillation they met Laura Winningham, the co-founder and Chief Executive of City Harvest, London’s first large-scale food redistribution charity. 

City Harvest Location for Distil your World

Filling a Need

City Harvest collects quality, nutritious surplus food from all branches of the food industry and redistributes it to organisations that serve thousands of healthy meals every week to the most vulnerable in society. 

Strong partnerships, inventiveness and creativity are key to its success. Communities come together, unified by common purpose, a sense of commitment and trust. Every day, hundreds of chefs from different charities take the food they are given and create over 80,000 meals for people across the city every week. 

Visit City Harvest

A Sense of Community

The Macallan’s Whisky Maker Steven Bremner and the Roca brothers took a tour of the City Harvest London warehouse, and were strongly impacted by this vibrant community spirit – a hallmark of London. Joan, as a chef, feels a strong commitment to sustainability and the problem of food waste, and saw the creative ways this initiative is addressing the issue.  

Looking at the amount of fresh food and vegetables around them, both Joan and Steven felt an affinity to the origin of the produce, and -understanding the need to go back to basics with food- by producing and consuming more naturally. For Joan, being given the chance to cook for one of the City Harvest’s affiliated charities was a personal honour. 

City Harvest Warehouse location for Distil your World

Distil Your World London is the kind of project that helps to raise awareness about food waste in big cities.

Laura Winningham City Harvest

It would be impossible to create a whisky that reveals the soul of a city, without being able to feel part of it and get close to the people who make it what it is. Understanding and exploring London’s community values is a crucial way to understand a city itself.

This is something The Macallan values highly, considering its own relationship with its local community in Speyside, Scotland, as well as with its global community that it has built up over the years.

Distil Your World London

Now available to watch, journey together with The Macallan and the Roca brothers as they explore the mastery behind one of the world’s greatest cities.

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