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In Collaboration with Nicola Benedetti

9D1B70C0-3B5A-44B1-9424-A8CA9A857B34@2x Th3 18 2022 · 3 thời lượng xem

We came together with Nicola Benedetti, renowned classical violinist, for Tales of The Macallan Volume 1. This release is grounded in our history, beyond our founding in 1824 by Alexander Reid, to Captain John Grant and the cattle drovers and farmers who once cultivated the land in summer and distilled whisky in the winter months. Nicola brought this story to life through composing an original music score to retrace John Grant’s story using the emotive power of music.​

The true essence of collaboration bears fruit when the outcome is greater than the sum of its individual parts. Such was our collaboration with Nicola, where what we explored together was bigger than what we could do as individuals.


Meet Nicola

Meet Nicola Born in the Scottish town of Irvine, of Italian heritage, Nicola began violin lessons at the age of four, encouraged by her mother. She has always been passionate about the intersection of music and education, and in 2018 became the President of the European String Teachers’ Association.

Nicola is involved in a number of the country’s established youth music organisations including the National Children’s Orchestras, Sistema Scotland), National Youth Orchestras of Scotland’s Junior Orchestra and others.
Nicola Benedetti playing violin with orchestra

In 2019, Nicola established The Benedetti Foundation, working with people of all ages and across the globe through in-person and online workshops.

The Foundation unites those who believe that music is integral to a good education, and works to push boundaries through innovative, creative musical experiences that are accessible to everyone.


We distil all of our shared experiences. When you can do that, you learn and feel from people all the time, it's a beautiful thing

Nicola Benedetti

Embracing the Nature of The Macallan Estate

Set on The Macallan Estate, we also created a music video featuring Nicola performing her contemporary interpretation, which follows her in the footsteps of John Grant, in the majestic natural landscapes which have been unaltered since our origins. 


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