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Marks of Distinction

The Passing of Time: A look into The Macallan's Fine & Rare Collection

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Treasuring the Past

We place immense value on our history, and the choices made in the past that have helped shape us into who we are today. The knowledge we have gleaned shapes our purpose, pushing us to continually innovate and make bold decisions while holding on to what matters most. 

This awareness and intention to treasure what has gone before in our history is one of the reasons we chose to collate and launch our official Fine & Rare Collection in 2002.

The Macallan Tim Walker Fine & Rare whiskies in a boat on the River Spey

Looking to the Future

In a world that has changed in so many ways in the last twenty years, we felt the time was right to step aside for a moment and look back to the time we introduced a collection of old and rare whiskies- the likes of which hadn’t been seen before; to think about the influence Fine & Rare has had on The Macallan’s growth and reputation and take a moment to remind ourselves of what this collection represents, now and for the future.

Explore the Collection

Gems from the Past

Not only is this one of the finest collections in the world, with 57 vintages, it also holds the status of being the largest collection of vintage single malts ever released from a single distiller. Inspired by the world of wine vintage collections and created to identify the very best of The Macallan’s finest maturing stock, The Macallan Fine & Rare Collection stretches back to 1926. It spans eight decades, each bottle representing a piece of our heritage and history, as well as a reflection of what was taking place at that time. Not only are they exclusive vintage whiskies, they also reflect our longstanding commitment to quality.

Some vintages, such as The Macallan 1964 impart a peated element, an unusual characteristic and harkening back to the days when more smoky expressions of The Macallan were laid down. Others offer light spice and citrus tones, all influenced by the natural casks they came from and the age of the whiskies when they were bottled.

Since the very first release of the 1926 Fine & Rare this collection of vintage single malts has reached worldwide acclaim and admiration from single malt enthusiasts, and has come to stand for the best in the industry.

Jaume Ferras, The Macallan Global Creative Director

These vintages tell stories not only of the people who made them, but re-kindle memories of our own. Above all, they remind us how the patient application of skill, honed from nearly two centuries of experience, can transform the simplest and most natural raw materials – barley, spring water and yeast – into the sublime spirit that is The Macallan.

Hand Labelled

Every vintage carries a particular set of details which relates to each whisky’s history, aromas, flavours, the year bottled and more. Each bottle of Fine & Rare is hand labelled and signed, with a unique reference number, which enables us to confirm all registered ownership.

Our Fine & Rare Guide details the individual elements that were involved in the bottling of that whisky, as well as reminiscing on significant historical events which took place during each year.

Quiet Witnesses

If they have stories to tell, about their creators and their times, then so too do we all, the admirer, the consumer, the connoisseur, the collector. For each of us have memories of people, places and events which chime with these vintage offerings, cloaking them in our mind with emotional associations personal and close to us.  

These vintages represent a bond of trust between maker and receiver, as personal a connection with this great spirit as it is possible to make. Every moment, every day and each passing decade holds a piece of history; this collection captures an imprint of what went before, shaping The Macallan as a brand and directing our future, and that is worth treasuring. 


Fine & Rare Collection

The World Record

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