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The Macallan

A Night on Earth

A Night on Earth is our annual gifting series that connects the seasonal joy of coming together, celebrating and well wishes, using fire as a central symbol.

The changing of the year is a time of reflection,  celebrating together and making new resolutions for the season to come. The Macallan A Night on Earth in Scotland is the first expression in The Macallan’s festive whisky series, which marks the changing of the season and year, and the celebrations around this wonderful night on earth.

Each release will reflect on a different destination, exploring its local and family traditions, capturing the universal joy of celebrating a special occasion with loved ones. 

The Macallan in collaboration with Erica Dorn for A Night on Earth in Scotland outside


In Collaboration with Erica Dorn

Learn about our collaboration with illustrator Erica Dorn for A Night on Earth in Scotland.

Drawing on Hogmanay, the Scottish New Year’s festival, the designs on the packaging reflect the traditions present for this special night on earth.


Gift Guide

The Macallan. The Gift.

This year, as you gather around the table for your holiday roast, or connect with friends and loved ones from afar, find the perfect whisky to accompany your holiday celebrations.

Discover our selection of single malts, the perfect way to gift thanks.


Shortbread Whisky Pairing

Make your own Scottish shortbread to pair with A Night on Earth in Scotland for the festive season.

Hogmanay traditions

This special time of year holds a number of traditions unique to Scotland.