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FINE & RARE 1955


The Year that Was

The timeless word game, ‘Scrabble’ was introduced this year, the sock hop classic, ‘Rock Around the Clock’ by Bill Haley & His Comets topped the charts in the US, and Hollywood heartthrob, James Dean, died in an automobile accident. Ray Kroc bought out a hamburger franchise from the McDonald brothers, and The Macallan Estate acquired the nucleus of a small herd of pure bred Aberdeen Angus cattle.

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The Macallan Fine & Rare Bottle Top on black background
The Macallan Fine & Rare Bottle base

HISTORY is philosophy derived from EXAMPLES.

Dionysius of Halicarnassus
The Macallan Fine & Rare 1955 Tasting Notes Diagram

The Details

AGE OF WHISKY 46 Years Old


CASK TYPE Hogshead

CASK No. 1851

TOTAL OUTTURN 175 Bottle Equivalents


AVAILABILITY 750ml, 700ml, 50ml

The Experience

  • Colour


  • Nose

    Prunes, dates and figs with massive clove spice notes and wood.

  • Palate

    Dried fruits on the nose lightened with citrus orange and spices.

  • Finish

    Citrus orange and prunes with a well aged wood signature.

  • Strength

    45.9% vol Natural Cask Strength

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