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Fine and Rare 1970s Global EN

The Macallan Fine & Rare Tim Walker 1970s 700ml Decade Design
Journey Into

The 1970s

The 1970s saw a change in the weather. social and economic momentum were to falter noticeably in places. there were outbreaks of cynicism. Despite these, the grandparents of all consciousness – and fundraising events, George Harrison & Ravi Shankar's 1971 concert for Bangladesh, ushered in a growing, global awareness. idealism took root. Greenpeace was born. The first wave-powered energy was created for Scottish homes. Respect for the planet began to mirror beliefs long held at Easter Elchies.

A fertile flowering in fashion, music and art continued without wilting. Bells were still sounding for growth in almost every sector. The war in Vietnam came to an end. North Sea Gas made its first ever Scottish landfall, piped directly ashore.

Photography by Tim Walker, inspired by The Macallan Estate.

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A Rare Moment

The 1970s

At The Macallan, the outturn from 1971’s spring barley harvest was piped every bit as carefully through to rest in European oak casks following distillation. Positive growth remained the watchword of the day. The company’s fortunes were as prudently managed, and proudly steered, as those of the Commonwealth Games, held in Edinburgh the year before and welcomed for their resounding success.

Amidst the complex, diverse narratives of the time, the 1971 Fine & Rare is an outstanding snapshot of excellence, proof positive that continuity, commitment and confidence can deliver a memorable result, whatever is blowing in the wind.

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No ENDEAVOUR is in vain; it’s REWARD is in the doing.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
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