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ABV : 40% | Volume : 70CL

The Harmony Collection Fine Cacao

A single malt whisky characterised by a milk chocolate profile, which pairs in perfect harmony with the finest chocolates for a rich tasting experience.


Bringing Whisky and Chocolate to Life

Continuing our long-standing partnership with the Roca brothers, owners of El Celler de Can Roca, this release is a collaboration with Jordi Roca to bring the worlds of chocolate and whisky to life.

Inspired by Whisky Maker Polly Logan’s visit to Jordi Roca’s famed chocolate factory, Casa Cacao in Girona, this exquisite single malt offers a delightful whisky and chocolate pairing experience.

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Sustainable Innovation

Paying homage to its chocolate inspiration, the innovative release is presented in a unique 100% recyclable gift box made using cacao husks, a natural by-product in the chocolate-making process. We took these husks that would have been sent to landfill or destroyed, and gave them a renewed life and purpose.

Sustainable Packaging


Made from 15% organic cacao shell, 40% post-consumer waste, 45% FSC virgin fibre.


Made from virgin fibre 100% - FSC certified.


15% organic cacao shell, 1% Miscantheses (to provide texture), 40% post-consumer waste, 44% virgin fibre.


The ribbon is made from 81% virgin wood pulp (necessary for strength/durability), 12.5% ink, 6% bonding agents. The wood pulp is FSC certified and is virgin material.

The Experience

  • Colour

    Toasted cacao beans

  • Aroma

    Chocolate, butter toffee, oak, pear

  • Palate

    Chocolate covered raisins, ginger warmth, fig, marzipan

  • Finish

    Medium, with chocolate

  • ABV:


The Macallan Harmony Collection Fine Cacao Mood shot of label

The Macallan Harmony Collection Fine Cacao is a delightful expression which brings together the worlds of whisky and chocolate.

Polly Logan The Macallan Whisky Maker
Inspired by her time at Casa Cacao, The Macallan Whisky Maker Polly Logan explored The Macallan’s maturing stocks to seek out casks displaying rare indulgent chocolate notes. Crafted from a harmonious combination of European and American oak casks, this exceptional single malt whisky creates the perfect pairing experience with the finest chocolates.
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In Collaboration with Casa Cacao


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