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ABV : 44% | Volume : 70CL

The Harmony Collection Inspired by Intense Arabica

The second edition in our limited annual release series, this special single malt exudes flavours of sweet oak, tiramisu and dark chocolate, and provides a delightful whisky and coffee pairing experience.

A Sensory Journey

This special single malt is inspired by the Ethiopian Arabica bean. Ethiopia is claimed to be the birthplace of coffee as the Arabica bean was the first species of coffee to be cultivated. ​​ 

With a distinct coffee flavour, this whisky exudes notes of espresso, dark chocolate and sweet oak. The intensely flavoured single malt invites you to immerse yourself in a sensory journey through flavour and aroma.



The Harmony Collection is a limited annual release series inspired by our inherent curiosity, and our innovative and creative mindset. The Macallan Whisky Maker Steven Bremner hosted a masterclass with world renowned coffee masters to explore the process from field to cup.

2022 The Macallan Harmony Collection, Domestic + GTR, Mood-Shot 1


The Pairing Ritual

Discover The Harmony Collection Inspired by Intense Arabica whisky and coffee ritual for the ideal multi-sensory experience with this expression.


The Experience

  • Colour


  • Nose

    Tiramisu, cappuccino, gingerbread, raisins, almonds, sweet oak, vanilla.

  • Palate

    Espresso, dark chocolate, raisins, tiramisu, blackberry, vanilla, Brazil nut, sweet oak.

  • Finish

    Long, dark roast coffee, balanced and sweet.

  • ABV


  • Whisky Maker

    Steven Bremner

2022 The Macallan Harmony Collection, Intense Arabica Domestic, Mood-Shot 4


The second release of the Harmony Collection is presented in a gift box made from repurposed and recycled materials.​ The packaging has been expertly crafted to give new life to coffee bean husks, a by-product of coffee, that would otherwise have been discarded.  

Inspired by the craft and key ingredients, the colour red was selected for the packaging to reflect the rich red colour of the coffee fruit.

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